~Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Diary Entry

Originally written Tuesday, April 10th, 2007:

Operation: Treat Him Mean and Keep Him Keen has been employed. However, while driving home from work I realized that Jack isn't going to be envious that I don't wait around for him unless--I don't know--I actually go out and do things. So I am forcing myself out tonight when all I want to do is hug my TV and whisper sweet nothings to Gilmore Girls and House.


londongirl said...

Good on you.

Have a good night out - honestly, you'll be glad you did go out.

Drama Queen said...

Way to go. With BF away all I want to do is laz about. I force myself out every night and afterwards I feel so happy that I did. Its great to be reminded that there is a whole world out there beyond just one person.

And of course in case my BF is reading this I should say that it doesn't mean you don't miss them just that you have a new strength in yourself. Which is ALWAYS a good thing. . .

me said...

what's enviable is being able to be happy and content with yourself whether you're at home hugging your television, or out having dance party 2007.
show that you can have fun without him no matter what you're doing!

Indiana said...

You could always stay at home and watch your shows, but tell him you wnet out...the result would be the same.

Kate said...

lmao. great plan. now make it happen!


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