~Sunday, June 10, 2007

May As Well

I said goodbye to Jack and began very slowly getting ready for bed. As I brushed my teeth, I stared at my brown eyes in the mirror and brushed slowly. They're a unique color--almost black so it's difficult to distinguish the iris from the pupil. E2 says I steal every photograph because my eyes are so expressive and pop against my light-colored features. I tried to see what she sees. Instead I saw my own loneliness.

This is it, this is all there is, I thought.

And then I did something I very rarely do: I flossed. Since it's going to be just me I may as well have great teeth.

By 10:30 p.m., I was showered and my hair was dry. I drowned single NyQuil capsule with a glass of white wine. I never take any kind of medicine, but for one night I didn't want to toss and turn. I just wanted to sleep. It's just me so I may as well have a good night's rest. It worked.

At my desk the next morning, I lazily logged into my Hotmail account. Waiting for me was a response from The Musician, a guy I e-mailed through my dating service the previous week.

I squealed and clapped my hands. The letter couldn't have had better timing. It felt like a reward for keeping the high road and ending things with the ex.


Single Girl said...

Yay for new guys! Esp. because the Musician is anyone but Jack!!

Amber said...

LoL @ Single Girl.

Obviously, you are not lacking in male attention. Guess the hard part is learning which part is the meat and which part is the bone you need to spit out?

Right now, I'm of the opinion that all men totally SUCK.

But I really hope this one works out for you :).

The really cool thing about you though, is that even if they turn out to be douchebags, you still pick yourself up and go on with your life; being classy, confident, sexy, funny, smart... just an all around COOL person, ya know?

Have a great time!

M said...

remember how you went to that psychic and she said that this year would be full of many men? hellooooo, looking good :)

pink jellybaby said...

good lucky with this one, i think you deserve something good xxx

Peach said...

time for some fun...

londongirl said...

yay for new guys indeed!!!!

glad the timing worked out and hope the musician keeps you entertained!

Trinity2 said...

That is so great! You did the right thing in letting the other go and opening up new beginnings with someone else! I'm pulling for you, girl!

Two Drink Girl said...

You go girl! And if he has any bad qualities, dump him FAST!

dont eat the token said...


Sarah said...

Single Girl- That was the one thing about my self-confidence. I at least had enough sense to know that *anyone* would treat me better.

Amber- The membership to the on-line dating site helps :)

M- There are sooooo many, it's overwhelming!

Pink Jellybaby- I need something non-dysfunctional in the worst way.

Peach- New beginnings, yea!

Londongirl- I hope so too, he's my favorite out of the bunch.

Trinity2- Thanks!

Two Drink Girl- All the boys makes it easy to be choosy. Hee.

Don't Eat the Token- I'm on my way!

Angela said...

My eyes are that dark as well - they look black in photographs, and I used to hate my photos - the too-dark eyes, the cheekbones, and everything. I've been told, "I think you're so pretty" and didn't believe it; now I look back and kick myself, because I wasn't gorgeous, but I looked a lot better than I gave myself credit for.


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