~Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Really Long Thank You

A big, heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone that's donated or even simply left a comment of support. It's been a really trying time for me that I haven't really focused any time on anything else—this is my life for the near future—and it's so good to know that there are people who are there to listen. Otherwise, I've dropped off the face of the earth. My friends aren't relationships where we call each other up and simply talk. Any non-face time is spent planning face time, and because of where I'm at mentally and emotionally, I haven't been showing up. No one knows outside my immediate family that this is happening. So thank you, for being virtually my entire support system.

Everyone who has donated should have received something in the mail from me. If you donated recently, it'll be coming. Every dollar is much appreciated: albeit a free clinic, each visit costs $35 plus after care and prescriptions. It's the same for the hospital too. With a visit every three days, it's really adding up. Your donations are the only thing that kept my head above water financially. It has really helped me in more ways you will ever know. Someone recently suggested that if I ever get the chance to pay it forward, then to donate to suicide prevention or an animal rescue group. I think that's a fabulous idea and I can't wait until I am in the position to do so.

Also, everyone who has taken the time to e-mail me with lists of free clinics, federal law about firings due to medical needs, government aid with hospital bills, etc., keep them coming! I am exploring every possible avenue we may have.

And here's a preemptive thank you for continuing to listen (see: read) in the upcoming weeks with Scott's surgery and yet more scary doctor's appointments for me. Turns out my body is really effing stupid. It's reached short-bus status in my opinion. Or maybe it's like how close women sync their periods, and since Scott doesn't get a period, my body decided to sync in functioning like his body. Okay now it's clear I'm just typing to type.

So thank you. I effing love you guys.


Fenz said...

I'm not sure if I've commented yet, but I'm sending you all the strength and positive energy I can muster. I'm a broke mature aged student, so money is beyond my capacity, but you're in my thoughts and I hope you both pull through this stronger and better than ever xox

Anonymous said...

I wish I could do more. If I could magic it away I really would. Hang on in there - everyone is sending you and Scott healing health vibes and I'm sure they'll start working soon. xx

Trixie said...

Keep strong Sarah. x

dont eat the token said...

Keep your head up and keep smiling!! Super big blog hug to you!!!


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