~Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My mom calls them the Collectibles

Today I officially became a girl with her own private therapist. It was awesome. I paid her $100 and she gave me the name of a book to read and told me that I need to journal more. Shit, I could blog and buy It's Called a Breakup Cause It's Broken off Amazon for $11.99.

Her main point was that all the symptoms I'm struggling with is due to me holding things in and never asking for help and never releasing whatever I'm feeling. She even picked up an Incredible Hulk doll and pulled the string. "I'm about to get angry!" shouted Bruce while his plastic eyes blinked red.

"If only someone hugged him more and told him to write his feelings down," she cooed while cuddling with the awkward-looking doll.

So, whatever, I'm going to try it. I'm going to write it out.

In other news, I'm experiencing a Facebook phenomenon called All of my ex-boyfriends see that I'm single and have contacted me again for the first time in years. So far I've heard from commitment-phobic Conor, self-absorbed Jack, emotionally unavailable Christopher, and manic-depressive Poet.

The one that I'm excited about? Hot Christopher. But I'm not supposed to be thinking about boys. I'm supposed to be absorbed in some serious me time, reading my therapist-approved self-help book and acting all nun-ish. And not having dinner with Poet tomorrow.

Which I am.


Emma said...

We all have our own ways of winding ourselves through getting over a breakup.

Do what you need to do. Make mistakes you may need to make. You'll figure it out eventually.

Take care of yourself though.

nicole said...

i agree with emma. do whatever makes you happy. i'm glad that you have someone to confide in on a confidential level who can help you sort through yourself. go out with as many ex's as you want =] just remember to keep in your mind the reason they are an ex, and don't take it further until you know what you're getting yourself into =]
i love reading your blogs, and i hope you get through everything ok.
you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Peach said...

wooo !

go tiger ;-)

Lpeg said...

seeing a therapist has been a great thing for me. sometimes I wonder why I pay her, and then I go for a session, and come out thinking "That's why!"

Have fun with dinner! :)

Sarah said...

No dates for me! Seriously. I've put a self-imposed 3-month rule until I get a little more stable with my life.

But a few catch-up dinners couldn't hurt. Right?

gekkogirl said...

No, they won't hurt. I've had a therapist for a while and I've had catchup dinners. Be good to yourself. xxx

AmyB said...

Haaa! AWESOME. I'd go to dinner, too!

And I'm sooo glad you are going to write it out. Such a good thing for you to do!

nuttycow said...

Thinking about boys is not a bad thing. I do it, a lot. But sadly no one asks me out for dinner :(

Have fun!


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