~Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Giveaway

Saturday afternoon I had finally roused myself from the couch and headed down to the leasing office to pick up an Amazon package that had been waiting for me. I'm a little ashamed of the number of orders I've placed on Amazon this month alone.

Braless and still wearing my jammies I walked into the leasing office. "I have a package? Apartment 555?"

The office girl smiled broadly at me. "Of course you do!" Why would she remember my box of Amazon crap?

"It's Kara, right?"


"Your name is Kara?"

"Um, no." I followed her hands and saw she was reaching for a box of flowers. "Oh! No! That's not me!" I shouted out of embarrassment. Shouted.

"Oh you said the apartment number and I thought it was you. It must be your neighbor. I just called her to tell her she had a package."

Oh, fuck you, lady.


Are you poor? Do you like Sex and the City? Then enter my first ever giveaway. Because my box of Amazon crap contained this: the new Sex and the City box set.

That's not the one I'm giving away.

The one I'm giving away is the complete series I bought off eBay years ago. It's from Taiwan and the last season is a bootleg copy. That's why I asked if you were poor. Because if you want the series and have the money, this probably isn't the set you want. Or you could win the set and buy Season 7 separately. Actually I'd recommend that either way.

But, hey! Do you want all of the episodes of Sex and the City on DVD? Because I'm giving it away! Or else it's going back on eBay! You decide!

Just leave a comment and I'll use a random number generator and pick the winner.


MissM said...

Ugh. Crap. *flips bird at the leasing office lady*

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

So, as I sat watching the Grammys last night I thought of you when Mumford and Sons did a little diddy. I love them now.

Happy Black Monday (to those of us single and fabulous gals)!

Erin said...

I would love a Sex and the City box set. And no flowers have arrived for ANYONE at my 300 employee company so it looks like everyone's having a crappy day.

emily said...

Love Sex and the City!

Bathwater said...

Man, I got to start working in the leasing office.

Umm, I'm poor but I don't like that show, I think it is the downfall of the modern dating woman. So if I win it-- trade it on Craiglist for a complete set of Battle Star Gallactica for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nothing here, either, which is unsurprising. I'm hearing of women who started out their days with pink pancakes (an actress who has been with her husband since college), to others who have had flowers and SO's who are thoughtful in some way. The one guy who has told me he wishes he could go back and not do a couple of things (er... women), is just snarking over V Day, and hasn't even thought to call or write anything to me.

Anonymous said...

That is awful! I've never commented before, but I love your blog. Sorry about the "package" screw-up. Don't people know when flowers are involved on VD that they had sure as hell better make sure they're calling the right person!!

Just have to say that I hate the fact that I have a boss who is an ass who has got me all upset on VD so now I look like some pathetic woman who has been disappointed on VD rather than someone who just hates their job. UPS delivery guy was sweet though.

I have to agree with bathwater. I think SATC has ruined a lot of things for us single ladies. :(

Anonymous said...

happy singles awareness day

Anonymous said...

happy singles awareness day

Brittany said...

I'm poor and LOVE SATC! pick me! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Anonymous #1 who didn't mean to p[ost anonymously earlier.. and I don't like SATC either, so please give it to someone else. :)

Tiffany said...

Perfect giveaway for this day! Can't believe the stupid lady in the apartment office. FAIL!

D said...

I didn't have to explain to anyone once today why I was single or what my plans were.
(Ahem, spin class)
It was great! :)
I didn't have to use any of my snide sarcastic singlehood comebacks that I worked up on my way into work.

Anonymous said...

Being with someone is not the be all end all. I am not single, but sometimes I wish that I was (were?). I did get some candy. But, I do look forward to going to bed and snuggling with my pup. She loves me no matter what.

nicole said...

i would love to win, since we don't have cable, much money, i just had another baby, and my hubby is deployed. i've started my friends series for a third time, but it would be nice to have something new to watch, and i've never actually seen sex in the city.
this is very nice of you as well to offer it as a giveaway! thanks for the opportunity =)

Katelynn said...

I just found your blog a day or two ago through another one...maybe Maurametolove maybe? You are hilarious and so relate able. I'll def be checking the blog.

And I seriously love Sex and the City, after all I am single gal and its basically a requirement to like the show. Would love to own a bootleg version :)

Tia said...

No idea if a Taiwan dvd's would work over here in Australia, but hey it sounds like a great giveaway anyway! SATC must be the go-to show at the moment, I just read another post about it over here: http://simplysolo.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/why-i-hate-mr-big/

Funnily enough, as much as I like the series, she makes some really valid points.

Glad you survived Vday, love reading your blog :)


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