~Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bug off

I just screamed "SON OF A BITCH!" at the top of my lungs in an open office plan.

S just friend requested me again. It had been two whole days since his last contact. I have not acknowledged his existence since he threatened me in October 2009.

Cockroach, I tell you.


AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

Stay strong, because you are.

Syd said...

Exactly. And eventually S will throw this computer out of a window (or whatever dumbass thing he did last time, and will no longer be able to log into FB)

Breeza said...


Sarah said...

Ha! I forgot he threw the computer out the window!

He has just been blocked.

Anonymous said...

To prevent stressing out about it, just
1. Accept the request and
2. IMMEDIATELY add him to your blocked list.

What this will do is make him only able to see your public profile, which he can see anyway when he sends the friend requests.

But more importantly, it would make him UNABLE to send you a repeat friend request. You can block a friend without having to delete them from your friends list, as that would only make them able to send a new friend request.

Try it. Test it with a friend if you doubt my suggestion. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

You can add someone to a blocked list and not have them be your friend first. When you block someone, you won't show up at all during searches and if you have mutual friends in common, you won't even show up on their friend lists, walls, etc.

The other option is click "Respond to Friend Request" -> "Not Now" -> "I do not know this person". After that, he won't be able to request your friendship again.

Anonymous said...

stalker. cockroach. pain in the ass. what is wrong with men.

j said...

I want to stomp on that bug!

Dream in Grey said...

block, block, block, block, block, block, block, block, block, block, block, block, block!

freckledk said...


Cockroaches indeed.

Ugh. Sorry.

Thisisme said...


orrr- soon S probably won't be able to afford a computer!

Erin said...

Good job blocking him! I've blocked a time or two.

Jin Ho Liu said...

Dumb post. Who cares. Use technology and block him. We get it. You want attention. You've got it. Now write something constructive. Back to your break-up healing, slutty dating adventures, lame athletic attempts, middle age sports leagues/flirting clubs, binge drinking and bragging about your financial stability and judging men. Oh yeah, and the knitting. THAT's always exciting! You GO girlfriend!

Ashley Lynn said...

Love your posts!

My ex always seems to know to text me when it's the least convinent. I agree with everyone else, block him on facebook!

Ashley Lynn said...
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