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20 Questions (2)

Team Edward or Team Jacob? -FreckledK

Would you believe me if I told you I've never read a single Twilight book, nor have I seen the movies? Same with Harry Potter: never read the books or seen the movies.

I actually don't read much these days. I read so much heavy duty stuff for work that my eyes are strained at the end of the day and I'd rather be staring at the bottom of a pint glass or at some bad reality TV where I don't even have to pay attention.

I feel like I have completely let you down.

How do you feel about your readers? Do you like it if they leave comments or are ok if they lurk? Do you recognize most of the commenters' names? -Emma

Readers for the most part are a vast unknown for me. I have a lot of readers from all over the world, but mostly in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Really only about 1% comment, which I find shocking. I absolutely recognize ones that do because I read their blogs as well!

I'm okay with people not commenting, but I do love hearing from people that have been reading for years or have gone through the great undertaking of reading the entire blog. It's comforting to feel like there is a witness to my life and that people are invested in me and wish me well.

EDIT: Yes! If you are following me on Twitter or read my blog, send me yours so I can read you too!

Have you ever posted a picture of something handwritten? I've noticed more people doing that lately. -Angela

Ask and you shall receive. I think it's a neat concept too and provides a more intimate perspective into the author. Be forewarned: I have terrible handwriting that looks like a left-handed, five-year-old serial killer. I don't think my As look like Zs, but the post office and everywhere I fill out my race applications do.

Don't you feel judged by your readers sometimes? Do you ever feel like quitting your blog? -Bathwater

I do get a lot of hateful comments. Most I shrug off because the person is so far off base from my reality. However this day was really frightening: http://desperatesarah.blogspot.com/2011/04/oh.html

I quickly noticed people were concerned for my welfare, so I popped up in the comments fairly early in the day and announced that I was safe and sound. Then someone said she bet that I was raped and that "it was only a matter of time" or something as threatening sounding. Then the entire comments section dissolved into a debate as to whether or not I deserved to be raped.

That's right.

I never returned to the comments section, but I was pretty shaken up. I have felt unsafe for most of my life and my blog has always been my safe haven until that day. That day the world was an awful place.

And for the people that think girls can have it coming, please watch a little 1988 film starring Jodie Foster called The Accused.


Jess said...

You're better off for having avoided the Twilight thing. It warps your sense of reality and all of a sudden you expect the men in your life to be Edward Cullin...and then they're not...It's awful.

Harry Potter may or may not be good. The movies were enjoyable!

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

I am with you on the Twilight and HP stuff. I missed the bus that day when all of my peers jumped on and took a ride. I don't feel left out, just not my thing. Instead I'm reading George Bush's DECISION POINTS right now. I know, I know...don't ask. I just like to read about real world encounters and real life perspectives. I just figured I could learn more from a former POTUS than I could from a wizard or vampire. Maybe not.

freckledk said...

I'd just like to put it out there that I was totally being snarky with my Team Edward/Jacob question. A Nigerian Scammer could've written that book, except that it would then be in all caps.

V said...

I only wish I received more comments. Support or admonishment, either way it's good.

My blog readers were a huge support for me in advance of breaking up with the dark-haired girl. They kept re-opening my eyes to what was right in front of me.

"Does she make you feel good?"

"I can't answer yes, and I don't want to admit the answer is no."

Emma said...

For the record, I've been reading you for maybe a year or so (and follow you on Twitter, now) and you're my favourite dating blogger. I just love your writing style.

I'm from Canada, by the way. Hi! And yes, like others, I wish you well - I feel like I'm following along with you on a journey and you're a friend I'm rooting for.

As for the whole "date rape" debacle, that kind of attitude makes me feel sick to my stomach. Like hell you were asking for it or deserved it. Stupid trolls.

Sophie said...

Maybe I should comment more often and not as 'Anonymous'! I've been reading your blog for about 2 and a half years and when I first stumbled across it I started at the beginning. I think what and how you write is inspirational and I'm always pleased when I see you have a new post. I'm in England by the way and have to admit to enjoying the Harry Potter movies but not the books :o)

Theresa said...

I have been reading for about 6 months and YES I did go back and read the ENTIRE blog in about a week. It was like reading a good book that you just can't put down!! Great writing! I can see a lot of myself in you too.

Sophie said...

Oh, and I follow you on twitter too - misspickle109 :o)

Maura said...

Oh that post...how I remember. It was also the first time I told anyone off in the comments section of a blog, including my own. Don't regret it one bit.

Je m'appelle Danielle said...

I'm not a Twilight fan, however, the soundtracks have been quite superb. At least they did something right.

Red Stethoscope said...

I just went back and read your "date rape" post. I don't know what to say, but I do want to punch a few people in the face! Someone who "dates around a lot" and "drinks a lot"? Do they want you to apologize for HAVING A LIFE? I'm amazed by your strength in keeping their comments up, as well as continuing to blog. I definitely would have been spewing hatred into cyberspace.

Fancy said...

I just went back and read your blog from the date-rape-comments until now.

(I'm at work... I've done zero work today. But, if anyone asks, I'll declare "research". They don't need to know I was researching your blog history.)

Anyway, I have a couple of comments.

People just assumed you were date raped from a vague post, but you weren't. It's actually kind of amusing that people got so heated because of an incorrect assumption.

That's pretty powerful... YOUR blog makes people feel passionate. I like it. (Oh, and for the record - I'm of the belief that NOBODY EVER deserves date rape and NOBODY is EVER asking for it. Ever.)

I loved catching up on your blog! I loved getting to read YOU. It feels like I've made a new friend. Although, it would be a very one-sided friendship since I haven't offered anything from my side. (Maybe I'm just selfish like that.)

Your life sounds so exciting, even when you think it's boring.

Your honesty makes me smile. You've admitted many of the things that a lot of people have done/thought/felt but would never share with others. I can identify with some of the things you've written and felt the relief of knowing I'm not alone.

Anyway.......... I've already been following you on Twitter and have read a post here and there. I'm happy that I got somewhat caught up. (I'll need to go back and read from the beginning to the date-rape-comment post now.)

You can count me in as a new reader! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Fancy said...
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bluemoon said...

I love your blog for its honesty. I don't want some whitewashed version of a life, I'd rather read along with someone making real choices the same way I am, and the same way everyone else is. You have a lovely way with words, and I feel your highs and your lows as if I'm there at times. That means you're doing a good thing here. :)

Bathwater said...

I never assumed you were hurt that day. I knew the dramatic license you were using in your posts. Some of those comments seem sexist and hurtful. Our lifestyles may not be normal for everyone but to be judgmentally cruel goes beyond acceptable.

j. said...

i guess now is as good a time as any to say hello. i don't even know how long i've been reading your blog. you were still with S, i think...or had just left and everything was coming out in heart wrenching yet poetic posts. i love your writing and *especially* the kind of posts that leave everyone guessing what happened and waiting for the next post - screw anyone who jumps to their own ridiculous conclusions. i'm usually a serial lurker from the comfort of my google reader, but you've got a loyal reader in japan. :)

Anonymous said...

I think "Jacob" is cuter.

RE: your last answer - I saw that movie when I was like, 8. It was terrifying and I should never have watched it, but no one was around to stop me. I don't remember that happening in your comments, that is awful. I'm sorry you had to experience that! x


Anonymous said...

i will admit i'm on the HP track. I enjoyed the books and the movies. but do i dress up like any of the characters? no. enjoyed the fun but don't live and die by it.

i am so glad i found your site and the other fab. blogs it has lead me to read and view. But i do come back to yours first and foremost.

and that whole "rape" discussion. is just cruel and mean by people who need to learn to treat others how they want to be treated even if it is on the internet.

ps. i will do a warrior dash, but prolly next year!

Sarah said...

Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments. You have affected me more than you know. Love.


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