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Where are they now?


Light Facebook stalking years ago revealed that he is married. She's not as pretty as me. Talk about wasted tears. At least I got a blog out of it.


Conor sent me a text back in April late one night. He told me he inherited a lot of money and was now independently wealthy but didn't want to tell anyone. He fished around as to whether I had a boyfriend. When I said I did, he stopped responding. He's had the same girlfriend for about 3 years.


Facebook had the last laugh.


Jack contacted me once via LinkedIn. Unfortunately I was in a really horrible place, so I sent him a weird response (i.e. "I'm good! I followed your advice, but I got laid off! And now I have cancer!"). Naturally he never responded. Nor did he follow through on any of my LinkedIn connections for a job. I have since deleted him from LinkedIn.

The Musician

Abraham and I went to go see his band last week. On the way there I was like, "Uh, so you should know that five years ago I went on two dates with one of the band mates."

I couldn't tell if Abraham was jealous or not. I thought he may have been since he told our entire party, including people I've never met, that I went out with the Musician. But on the other hand, the band seemed a little sadder this time. Five years ago the band mates were in their twenties. Now they're in their thirties, still working their day jobs as servers and still playing the same songs at the same venues. Five years later and they are no more popular. Nothing has changed for them except for their receding hair lines.

I don't know if The Musician recognized me or not. I've changed a lot since then.


Several months ago S' step-mom phoned me. S was back in jail.

"When was he in jail?" I asked.

Apparently he was sentenced to several months in jail for beating up yet another girlfriend. And he was being ordered back in for violating his probation and appearing in front of the judge drunk.


Christopher. I don't know if he sold his email address or joined some marketing strategy, but I started getting those horrible, spammy emails from his address. The ones with a single link to Canadian Viagra.

I reported that his email address was hacked. I still got the emails. I sent him three emails kindly telling him to change his password. I still got the emails. So then I blocked him.

Valentine's Day he sent me a friend request on Facebook. I had deleted him after I dumped him years ago. I accepted and now he stalks from afar. LinkedIn reported a few months ago that he is now living in Illinois, so y'all are on notice.


I never heard from him since the night he dumped me. I've never looked him up. I don't want to know anything because I don't want to be sad. He will have to remain a mystery.

The Hungarian 

The Hungarian tried to have sex with me on our last date. I turned him down cold. I never heard from him again. Funny thing, it took me about 2 months to realize it.


No one has seen or heard from him in about a year. I've been tempted to send him a text to make sure he is alive, but it's not my place.


Statham now lives with the ex-girlfriend, who is no longer an ex. They came out to Abraham's tailgate about a month ago and we were all drinking together. She didn't speak to me, but Statham was his usual friendly self to Abraham and me. Everybody acted like nothing ever happened.


Red Stethoscope said...

Is it weird that I kind of love this? I like knowing where (most) people end up.

Btw, one of my exes texted today and was like, "Meet me for coffee?" We're friendly-ish (it's the same ex The Lawyer met at the wedding!), so I was like, "Yeah, sure. Next weekend maybe?" and he writes back, "Sure. Whenever you want...my girlfriend is in Europe, so I'm totally free." Had he not thrown in that bit about his g/f, it would have been totally normal. Now, he automatically seems grimy to me. I'm going to ask The Lawyer what he thinks I should do.

Je m'appelle Danielle said...

I like knowing where the old ones end up, even though I never remain friends with my Ex's. Although there are a few first dates that I have friended on FB.

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...


Anonymous said...

Just out of pure, morbid curiosity, I'm always interested (but I act like I'm not) to hear where certain exes landed. No interest at ALL in them any more but I just want to know. Is that wrong?

Cheery Cherry said...

I like this. It's an interesting glance back at people/circumstances that have led you to where you are now.

Plus people don't just stop living once they're no longer part of your story.

Sarah said...

Valdosta. I never heard from him since he dumped me and I've never looked him up. I guess he will remain a mystery.

Mummy Dearest said...

And look who is in the best place now! YOU. Well played. Xo

Peach said...

... what America Bridget (Jones) and Mummy Dearest said...

Anonymous said...

The Hungarian?


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